About Blob Game

The first versions of Blob Game were made by Ben Pietrzak in 2007, 2010, and 2012. Work on the current version began in January 2013 by a team of Purdue University students:

Ben Pietrzak

Hyung Q Kim

Daniel Thornburgh

Ian Watterson

James Watterson

Harrison Gentry

With contributions by: Matthew Crabill, Tyler Wolverton, Lee Opfer, Eric Todd, Anshi Chitransh, and Tyler Springer.

In order to make the game accessible to non-english speakers and younger audiences, we designed Blob Game to contain no words or numbers. Only pictorial instructions were used to teach players how to play. We've also made sure that Blob Game is a family friendly game.

We open sourced Blob Game, but made almost no effort to clean it up. We did this to honestly demonstrate our project's development.

Blob Game is distributed under the Apache 2.0 Licence and free from any form of monetization.

Blob Game was written in Java using libgdx, Box2D, box2Dlights, and reflections.

Feel free to contact us about anything at blobbers@blobgame.com .